Phoenix Foods is a Peruvian firm founded in 1997. The company purchases fruits and vegetables from smallholder and medium farmers. Part of the products is packed to be exported as fresh fruits and part are processed for export and local consumption. The company operates 3 business lines: Frozen; Fresh Fruits; and Fresh Cuts. Phoenix differentiates itself by purchasing products from different regions of Peru to mitigate climate and supply risks, by offering Fresh Cuts with its own brand Vitta Fresh to serve a growing health and convenience market segment, and by serving clients in different regions: US, Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

GBF’s investment was used for assets acquisition and for working capital. The investment will improve the company’s cold chain logistics and will increase the capacity of the Fresh Cuts line.

GBF BAS & Phoenix:

GBF is supporting Phoenix with two BAS projects. One of them aims to train small farmers on better farming practices to increase their productivity. The other project aims to improve the efficiency of the process of collecting and transporting products from the farmers to the company’s collection centers and then to its plant, as well as transporting products from the plant to the distribution centers and to the final customers.

Phoenix purchases products from over 485 small farmers, who in turn help to generate income for more than 2,910 farm-workers.

Phoenix also creates more than 293 jobs at its processing plants during the high season.

From January 2019 to December 2019, the company generated $1.4M of income to its smallholder supplies and field and plant workers.

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