KZ Noir, operating in Rwanda, purchases raw cherries and semi-processed parchment from smallholder coffee farmers and cooperatives for processing. Processed coffee is then exported to international buyers in Europe, Asia and the US. The company buys from coffee washing stations through its three subsidiaries: Socor, Caferwa and Karengera. This increases the probability of business success for the coffee washing stations that would otherwise have no access to such value-add expertise, and ultimately provides higher economic opportunities to the 6,900 farmers from whom they source.

KZ Noir’s Awards & Achievements:

  • 2013 Rwanda Cup of Excellence Winner
  • First coffee company to be Rainforest Alliance Certified in Rwanda

GBF’s involvement with KZ Noir started in 2012 with a BAS program to refine the company’s accounting processes and legal structure in order to strengthen KZ Noir’s capital base. GBF’s investment allowed KZ Noir to acquire more washing stations and increase the purchase of semi-processed parchment for coffee cooperatives and smallholder farmers.


GBF’s BAS has been focused on Financial Management, Corporate Governance and E&S management development. This has enabled KZ Noir to better understand its financial position, its social impact and to improve relationships with external advisors who offer key insights into KZ Noir’s business operations.

 Financial Management: GBF’s Portfolio CFO is supporting KZ Noir monitor its cash flow and operational and financial budgets

 Strategy: Working capital, operations planning, and identifying further business opportunities or expansion

 Corporate Governance: Advisory calls to review strategy, budget and projections

Environmental & Social (E&S): Create standard policy across washing stations and obtaining rain forest certifications

  • KZ Noir directly impacts 11,356 users and employees over last FY
  • KZ Noir provides benefits to 45,424 family members in low-income households
  • KZ Noir partnered with TechnoServe to train employees in agronomy techniques which raised farmers incomes and increased their loyalty
  • KZ Noir produced over $3M in cost savings / Economic Impact to date
  • Most of KZ Noir’s full time and seasonal staff are women from Rwanda’s poorer Western Province
  • KZ Noir’s sales in 2014 were just under $3M, despite the large decrease in international coffee prices

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