The investment guidelines below help us identify the businesses that have the highest potential to succeed commercially, while also generating a positive social impact.  If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

Business Criteria

Stage of Company:  GBF prefers “growth stage” companies with a strong track record.

Defensible Competitive Advantage: GBF seeks companies that can protect their market position through high barriers to entry, first-mover advantage, high-quality differentiated products, etc.

Competent Management Team:  It is essential that the company have a strong management team with a successful history starting and/or managing companies, or has other industry experience and education.

Financial Criteria

Investment Terms 

  • GBF preferrs investments between $750,000 to $2,500,000.
  • GBF is open to various investment structures including equity, quasi-equity, loans, and guarantees.
  • GBF does not seek control of the company (in terms of equity ownership and/or voting rights).
  • GBF expects to exit investments within a 5 to 7 year timeframe.

Preferred Situations
GBF seeks opportunities where:

  • GBF’s investment is key to scaling up the company, and
  • GBF represents less than 50% of company’s total capital base.

Mission Fit Criteria

GBF seeks to invest in for-profit companies that have a strong commitment to bringing measurable and sustainable social and economic impact to low income communities.

Country Focus: 

  • Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Rwanda)
  • Asia (India, Indonesia)
  • Latin America (Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay)

Excited to Wo​rk with Us: GBF seeks to partner the businesses that are enthusiastic to work with the staff at GBF in a close partnership.

Impact Criteria

Impact Type: 

  • GBF invests in businesses that generate direct and significant incremental income or savings to their suppliers or customers.
  • GBF prefers to work with companies that directly impact 500-2000 individuals, with the potential to increase and scale at least 5-10 times over the period of the investment.

Environmental and Labor Responsibility:

  • GBF invests in companies that are environmentally and socially responsible, and are interested in working with GBF to improve these areas where necessary.

 If your company fits the guidelines above, please contact the regional office that covers your location, or send us a message at our Washington, DC Headquarters.