Established in 2012, Ikanga Tea Company is a tea processing and export company operating in Tanzania. The company sources 100% of tea from smallholder farmers in the Ikanga-Lupembe area, processes and markets the tea for export to Europe, North Africa, and Asia. Ikanga also provide extension services that helps smallholder farmers to increase their existing yield by utilizing fertilizers offered on credit, and expert advice from agronomists.

In 2014, GBF committed investment capital to expand capacity at the Ikanga Team Factory which included the installation of a second processing line, an expanded collection area, working capital and the purchase of tractors to effectively cover the catchment area. This investment has allowed the company to expand its catchment area and source from over 5,000 farmers in the region.


GBF’s BAS with Ikanga Tea Company is focused on increasing its network and strengthening its working relationship with farmers.

 Financial Management: Cost controls and accounts management while increasing factory staff capacity

 Strategy: Evaluation of business model and strategy formation

 Corporate GovernanceSupport of governance routine and monthly review of financials

Environmental & Social (E&S)Supply chain impact study and compliance with local Tanzanian regulation

  • Ikanga Tea Company works with more than 1,743 farmers
  • Ikanga Tea Company allows farmers to obtain fertilizers on credit, making it easier for farmers to kick start their farming operations with low or no cost
  • Ikanga Tea Company offers farmers a 25% stake in the company
  • Ikanga Tea Company is the second largest producer and exporter of tea in Tanzania, contributing significantly to the country’s goal of becoming a major tea player in the region
  • Ikanga Tea Company provides technical assistance for better tree husbandry and general farming assistance

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