Corporacion Agricola Vinasol S.A.C. (CAVSAC) began operations in 2001 as Agricola Viñasol (AVSA) selling and exporting crops in Valle de Cañete, Peru. The company sells various crops such as snow peas, asparagus, and avocado, which it produces on rented fields and buys from local farmers, in the international markets. In addition, CAVSAC provides services such as fruits/vegetables processing, cold chamber rental, storage and machinery rental to companies that operate in the Cañete area.

GBF has been a long-time supporter of CAVSAC. In 2010, GBF helped the company purchase agricultural processing equipment with an equity investment. As the company evolved, GBF provided CAVSAC with short-term working capital lines and more recently a long-term working capital loan to help the company meet its growing financial needs as its operations expand.


GBF’s Business Advisory Services (BAS) helped CAVSAC develop their suppliers, improve their financial and operations management, expand production, and ensure environmentally and socially responsible practices. Some of GBF’s BAS programs todate have been:

 Financial Management: Ensuring budgets are developed and updated, and financial statements are measured against the budget through supervision meetings

 Operations: Reviewing the company’s strategy and translating it into key objectives and KPIs for the relevant business areas, as well as reviewing key operational and administrative processes for identifying strengths and areas of improvement.

CAVSAC impacts local community through purchases from local farmers and generating quality employment opportunities at its plant and in the field

  • From January 2019 to December 2019, CAVSAC’s operations supported 876 farmers and workers
  • GBF estimates that CAVSAC delivered an estimated $2.2M of income to the farmers in its supply chain and to the field and plant workers, over the last year; since GBF’s first investment with CAVSAC in 2010, the company has generated an estimated $12.5M of income to people from underserved communities