BrazAfric Enterprises imports and distributes agricultural and energy conservation equipment from Brazil to East Africa. BrazAfric is driven by the desire to link East African markets with the best available high quality energy conservation equipment. In addition to energy conservation, the company strives to supply smallholder farmers with more reliable, efficient equipment that lowers operating costs and increases agricultural yields. BrazAfric has operations in five East African countries: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Mozambique.

BrazAfric’s Awards & Achievements:

  • BrazAfric Enterprises (U) LTD- named as one of the Fastest Growing Medium Sized Companies 2012/13 by Top 100- Medium Size Companies in Uganda.

In 2010, GBF committed a loan to BrazAfric to provide coffee cooperatives in Kenya with access to modern coffee processing machines. In 2013, GBF committed a follow-on investment to further expansion.


In 2011, BrazAfric launched a Vendor Financing program allowing coffee cooperatives in Kenya to purchase coffee wet mills. The Vendor Financing program closed the gap in financing available to smallholder farming cooperatives in East Africa.

By providing low-cost capital and equipment, BrazAfric enables coffee and grain farmers to participate in the industry value chain, facilitating farmers’ production of more efficient and higher quality products.  BAS programs with BrazAfric include:

 Financial Management: Improvements including cash planning and internal controls

Corporate Governance: Established quarterly calls with GBF to help build institutional decision making and advisory capacity

BrazAfric’s equipment increases cooperatives’ processing functions. Improved production ability, product quality, and time and energy efficiency translate to gains for smallholder farmers. By providing low-cost capital and equipment, BrazAfric closes a gap in financing available to East African farmers, leading to more efficient and productive growing capabilities.

  • BrazAfric directly impacts over 37,910 employees and users of its products each year
  • Through its affordable products, BrazAfric helps customers save over  $451,130 per year
  • Over the life of GBF’s investment, BrazAfric has generated over $1.7M of cost savings and income for its consumers and employees

Learn more about Our Approach to Measurement.

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