NOVICA“Bring(ing) happiness to create sustainable business.”

This is how Merlly Calisto describes her work with NOVICA, a company that works to create sustainable employment for local artisans of Lima, Peru. In this part of the world, there are very few opportunities for artisans to share their story and their work. GBF is working to help Novica do the same, and as Merlly states: “I would recommend working with GBF because GBF opens the context and shows the universe of a business. They provide options on how to evolve or grow a business.”

“The pieces they develop, the artists, are marked by their traditions and cultures. Then, in reality, the pieces are an extension of the whole culture that is able to be placed in the hands of the international market.”



“I give my kids the chance to live well, to go to school, to leave to do more studies, and do what they want.”

Pedro Koo Murga has been in the agriculture business for 16 years. For the past 3 years, he has worked with CAVSAC in Canete, Peru. Through this partnership CAVSAC has guaranteed to buy his crops at a price of 1.80 soles per kilo. These are very important to Pedro as he states, “With traditional products you can’t predict or control the product and even with a contract they don’t honor it. With CAVSAC and the snow peas/sugar snap they commit to it and honor it.” GBF works closely with CAVSAC, so that they can sustainably grow and continue to employ agriculture experts like Pedro.



“A person is not a machine: they have a family, have kids, have a spouse, and can have problems like anyone else.”

This deep founded belief by the General Manager of CAVSAC, Oscar Alban Velasco has enabled this company to employ and support over 1,000 locals to work on farms and in the processing plant.

Through GBF’s assistance CAVSAC has been able to grow beyond sugar snap/snow peas to include asparagus, avocado, and tangerine processing and exporting to clients in Europe, Japan, Australia, and the U.S. This allows for a greater number of employees, in the plant these employees are often 70% women. These employees are provided safety garments, transportation, and lunch services. GBF works closely with companies such as CAVSAC to enable their growth, and create sustainable job opportunities for Canete locals.



“It is all for you. They are always there for you.”

As a mother of two, it is essential that Asunta Pelaez gets plenty of support. Through working with NOVICA, in Lima Peru, Asunta receives “lots of support, lots of guidance.” Asunta has been an artisan since she was 17; through Novica she is able to sell her products for double the price of local markets.

Now, through Novica’s help, she is able to employ 15 people, invest in her workshop, and receive reliable pay. GBF works closely with Novica to ensure their sustainability so they can continue their work with artisans and entrepreneurs like Asunta.