Asia: $6.6M Committed | Six Investees in the Fund



Alamanda | Indonesia | Agribusiness

Alamanda sources fresh fruit, vegetables, and jasmine flowers from over 2,500 farmers across the islands of Java and Sumatra.  Click to see our work with Alamanda 



Industree Crafts | India | Handcrafted Manufacturing

Industree, a Bengaluru based company, is a producer and retailer of fashion, home decor, furniture, and gift products for Indian and international retailers.  Click to see our work with Industree



Jaipur Rugs | India | Handcrafted Manufacturing

Jaipur Rugs Company is a rug manufacturer that has grown to become one of the best known social enterprises, working with over 10,000 weavers through a decentralized rug production system. Click to see our work with Jaipur



Servals | India | Products & Services

Servals is an energy efficient cooking solution company focused on providing efficient and affordable burners and stoves to low-income consumers. Click to see our work with Servals



SKEPL | India | Agribusiness

Shree Kamdhenu Electronics Private Limited (SKEPL) provides technological solutions for better milk collection to village level cooperatives. Click to see our work with SKEPL



TARA Machines | India | Products & Services

TARA Machines is a value-creating social enterprise that develops green technology-based business solutions for aspiring entrepreneurs. Click to see our work with TARA


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