Based in Pollachi, Appachi Eco-Logic Cotton Private Limited is an organic cotton company that promotes inclusive growth in its Farm to Fashion value chain. The company, led by its promoters, Mani Chinnaswamy and Vijayalakshmi Nachiar, has successfully integrated 2,000 farmers spread across 2,000 acres into the organic project in the endangered ecology of the Kabini Reservoir region. The group has been involved in cotton trading for more than 6 decades and is well known for the Extra Long Staple (ELS) Cotton and Suvin. With Mani’s extensive work with smallholder farmers, the company was the first to introduce cotton contract farming in the region along with crop insurance for farmers. Appachi Cottons has also improved farmers’ livelihood by providing non-BT seeds, sanitation and access to education.


In 2014, GBF committed an investment in Appachi to aid in its expansion to other regions within India.

 Financial Management: Refining Appachi’s financial management practices for more accurate reporting and forecasting

 Operations: Assisting management with roll-out of key operational programs like ERP implementation, sales and a marketing plan

 Corporate Governance: Assisting in the creation of an advisory board and facilitating the process for their first advisory meeting

  • Appachi currently works with 855 smallholder farmers with land typically between 1-2.5  acres and employing 2-5 people depending on land size. Appachi paid ~$1M to farmer groups as of March 2018.
  • Development of personalized production programs to the farmers (including use of natural manure fertilizers, production methods, etc.)
  • Enrolling women and their families in women’s empowerment workshops
  • Appachi employs 39 weavers and provides recognition to weavers and farmers by printing their pictures and their story on each product that is sold
  • Free education for all children of the staff in the school adjacent to the premises of Appachi’s factory; the promoter’s children attend the same school

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