Alamanda sources fresh fruit, vegetables, and jasmine flowers from over  768 farmers across the islands of Java and Sumatra. Packaging and shipping farm fresh products to supermarkets and importers across Asia and the Middle East, the company links smallholder farmers to foreign markets.

Alamanda is aligned with improving the quality of farmers’ products and has worked with local universities and the government to provide technical assistance to these suppliers. Alamanda not only pays farmers more for their products than local markets, but also actively helps train farmers in the absence of a quality agricultural extension service.

In 2013, GBF committed investment for working capital expenses and to build new warehouses with cold-storage capabilities.  A separate jasmine warehouse facility with a cold-storage unit has allowed Alamanda to increase the storage life of fresh buds from 1-2 days to 4-6 days. A new warehouse solely for fruit processing will allow Alamanda to separate fruit and vegetable operations by building.


BAS is focused on financial management, strategic initiatives for international market competitiveness, and overall corporate governance. So far, BAS programs for Alamanda have implemented:

 Financial ManagementBuilding financial management team and locating suitable CFO candidates -Improving internal financial reporting and information management capacity

 Operations: Improving product quality and securing supply through the implementation of better farming method and intensive training program

Environmental & Social: Ensuring compliance with Indonesian health and safety standard;  Educating production team on worker safety principles

  • Alamanda  directly supports 768 farmers and 200 workers
  • As of December 2019, Alamanda paid over $116k in income to its farmers and workers
  • Alamanda provides technical assistance to farmers through programs with local governments, agricultural universities, and international experts
  • Through the expansion of its supply base, Alamanda is reaching greater numbers of smallholder farmers in the less developed areas of Central and North Sumatra
  • Through HCCAP certification and training, workers gain skills needed for higher paying jobs

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