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For over 18 years, GBF has been dedicated to supporting high impact SMEs through the delivery of long-term mezzanine financing and tailored technical assistance to help these businesses grow sustainably.


GBF works towards a world where economic opportunity reaches everyone. Our mission is to grow sustainable businesses that generate sustainable earnings or savings for people with low incomes in Africa, Asia and Latin America.


We use business rigor to make investments and manage projects that deliver sustainable financial and social results.
We strive to continuously learn from our experience, and adapt to the context of our local operating environments.
We are passionate about making a difference in the lives of the people with low incomes, across different countries with diverse levels of income and poverty.

We respect diversity in our people and perspectives and we believe this makes us a uniquely effective team.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

33 %
of GBF’s management team are women
38 %
of GBF’s board are women
50 %
of GBF employees are women
Diversity, equity and inclusion are core values integral to deliver our mission. Our staff, funders, board and advisors are diverse ethnic and racial, representative of all regions. 

GBF’s policies promote gender equality, inclusion and non-discrimination across the organization’s work and life cycle. GBF is dedicated to providing equal opportunities to each staff member and to ensure a diverse and representative workforce.

Also, GBF consciously invests in companies that are positioned to provide opportunities for both men and women. GBF’s impact is not focused exclusively on women; however, it is of great importance to GBF since investing in women multiplies the impact of an investment, as women spend 90% of their income on their households and families while men spend only 30-40%.

GBF is aligned with several Sustainable Development Goals and actively works to better the world with SDGs in mind.