Wamu is a family-owned business operating in Kenya that exports french beans, sugar snaps and snow peas as well as niche products such as passion fruit and chili to the European market. Wamu has a very strong out-grower management and works with over 800 smallholder farmers. The company also sources produce from its own farms and is planning to expand its farming operations and enter new product lines and locations. In addition, Wamu employs about 150 pack house workers, mostly women, to sort, assemble and pack the final export products.

In 2014 GBF committed a investment to support the company’s upgrade of its existing farms as well as the purchase and development of a new farm.


GBF is providing Wamu with Business Advisory services aimed at improving financial and operations management as well as strategy formulation and succession planning.

 Financial ManagementIncrease visibility into operations in order to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and boost profitability

 OperationsNew farm manager training, technical assistance and support from horticultural expert

 Corporate Governance: Regular reviews of strategy, budget and projections

Environmental & Social (E&S): Conduct E&S review to identify potential risks in supply chain

  • Wamu sources from 270 small-holder farmers
  • Wamu also employs 50 – 100 women for the packhouse
  • Last year, Wamu reached 1,292 dependents supported and generated an estimated annual income of $310,743

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