Off Bound Adventures (OBA) is a Colombian Outdoor Education Company, which organizes and executes educational trips for students from elementary and high schools. The trips occur in rural, non-urban, initially Colombian locations, and increasingly in other developing countries where OBA hires over 120 small, local suppliers of food, lodging and diverse cultural and outdoors activities.

In 2013, GBF committed a loan to Off Bound Adventures to improve operations and grow into new markets.


GBF’s Business Advisory Services (BAS) has focused on the development of social impact measures and indicators to ensure suppliers fit its social criteria. Additionally, GBF has assisted Off Bound Adventures in developing a marketing strategy and improving internal capacity related to financial management.

 Operations: Operational tools and processes established and utilized; ongoing operations support with risk management and communications strategy

 Corporate Governance: Assisting OBA manage rapid growth by involving a highly experienced external advisor to oversee and provide external strategic advice

  • Off Bound Adventures directly benefits 178 local beneficiaries
  • Off Bound Adventures’ work supports 712 family members
  • The total estimated annual income or savings to beneficiaries is $134,000

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