Latin America: $17.1M Committed | Seven Investees in the Fund and Three Exits


 Alquimia - good

Alquimia | Paraguay | Agribusiness

Alquimia sources organic and conventional agricultural products including chia, sesame, beans and quinoa from over 800 smallholder farmers in Paraguay. Click to see our work with Alquimia 


CAVSAC | Peru | Agribusiness

Corporación Agrícola Viñasol (CAVSAC) sells various crops such as snow peas, asparagus and apples in local and international markets. Click here to see our work with CAVSAC 

Natural Habitats | Ecuador | Agribusiness

Natural Habitats sources certified organic palm oil products from over 500 small-holder farmers in Ecuador. Click here to see our work with Natural Habitats 


NOVICA | Guatemala | Handcrafted Manufacturing

Novica connects over 18,000 artisans in developing nations with global consumer markets. Click here to see our work with NOVICA 



Off Bound Adventures (OBA) | Colombia | Products & Services

Off Bound Adventures (OBA) is a Colombian outdoor education company that organizes and executes educational trips for students from elementary and high schools. Click here to see our work with Off Bound Adventures 


Phoenix Foods | Peru | Agribusiness

Phoenix buys fresh fruits and vegetables from smallholder and medium farmers for export as well as local consumption. They purchase products from different regions of Peru to expand their farmer base and to mitigate climate and supply risks. Click here to see our work with Phoenix Foods 


Villa Andina | Peru | Agribusiness

Villa Andina buys organic aguaymanto (golden berry), mango and other natural products from small-scale farmers, dehydrates the products in its processing plant, and sells them in local and international markets. Click here to see our work with Villa Andina