Alquimia S.A. is a Paraguayan agribusiness that works with small-holder farmers to bring organic and conventional agricultural products to international markets. Exporting chia, along with sesame, amaranth, beans, and quinoa, helps farmers across Paraguay benefit from global markets. By innovating new crops in their own fields, Alquimia manages a supply chain focused on global trends, and the company bolsters its supplies with support from agriculture experts and organic certification aid.

Since 2014, GBF has been helping Alquimia provide pre-campaign advances to farmers to secure seeds through a working capital loan.

GBF has helped GBF with cash flow and financial management through direct Business Advisory Services. Additionally, GBF is helping the company understand and measure social impact for its suppliers will help communicate Alquimia’s social mission to its clients.

GBF BAS & Alquimia:

GBF’s BAS is focusing on the environmental and social impact of the company’s operations and improve its cashflow management.

 Financial Management: Improve cashflow management to better monitor inter-company operations

 Environmental & Social (E&S): E&S review to better understand Alquimia’s environmental and social impact of its operations

  • Alquimia works with 815 smallholder farmer families throughout their supply chain, as well as 300 workers and farmers they employ directly
  • GBF estimates that Alquimia supports 4,460 family members in geographically diverse regions of Peru
  • Alquimia purchases 70% of its products from smallholder farmers
  • By helping farmers obtain organic certification and providing technical assistance through agronomist experts, Alquimia raises farmers’ earning potential and transfers knowledge for sustainable increases in quality of life
  • Many of Alquimia’s farmers lack property titles and therefore struggle to obtain credit from local financial institutions; Advances from Alquimia offer some of these farmers their only financing option
  • GBF estimate that capital invested in Alquimia generates a 63% “Economic Rate of Return,” based on 10 year projections of economic flows

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